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"Frequently Asked and Frequently Answered Questions"

Most asked question #1:
Q: Do you have a skit about (
fill in the blank)?

A: If I have it, it's on the Scripts page. All of the scripts I have ready at this time are already posted there.

Also, some will email me and ask if I know any other sites where they can find some skit on a specific topic. I really don't know what sites have what scripts, and I don't often visit other skit sites, so as to keep my ideas original.

Most asked question #2:
Q: How long does it take for my CD order to get to me?

A: As referenced on the CD Soundtracks page, online Credit Card orders are mailed the next business day, and often the same day, after I receive them. They are sent by First Class mail, so they should generally get to you within a week. If you order the Priority option, it is 2-3 days delivery.

I can't predict the speed of the Post Office, so once I get it in the mail to you within a day of getting your order, it's out of my hands. But, to repeat, most orders are received within 5 to 7 days. In case you need it faster, I have a Priority Mail option available which you can select when placing the order. This service only costs $5.00.

Note: Priority mail is NOT UPS, Next Day or overnight. Priority mail is two-to-three days delivery. The Post Office does not guarantee this, but it generally applies. If the CD will be too late to use if it takes longer than three days to get to you, you're cutting it too close. It's better to put off a skit til later than rush it through with no rehearsal with the CD.

Most asked question #3:
Can I buy separate soundtracks to a skit? I only want one that is on a CD with others.

A: As for the combo packages, the reason I did that is, some skits have a lot of tracks to use, some only a few. Rather than charge the same for CDs when they have very different tracks on them, I balanced out the track numbers among several CDs and charge one price for each. This way, a person won't feel cheated if they ordered "The Great Church Robbery," which only has a few tracks, for the same price as "Live From the Battlefield," which has a lot. Making all combos the same price, with two or more soundtracks per CD, seemed like a fair option to me. If I packaged them separately, the price would not differ much from what they are now. Here's a page that explains in more detail: "Why no Mix and Match?"

So, you're really getting more for less. Later, you might actually want to perform the other skits and you'll already have them, for less than if you ordered them separately.

Most asked question #4:
Do I have to ask for your permission to perform any of your skits?

A: Permission is freely given for you to use these scripts, within the conditions set forth at the bottom of each script. There is no need to ask for further permission. However, I do like to be informed of the fact. Use the form below to tell me!

And some "Occasionally Asked Questions" are answered here...

Ordering By Phone:

I cannot take orders over the phone. Some don't trust using their card online, and wish to give me their number on the phone, but due to security reasons, I cannot do this. For your protection, I never see your number and cannot order using your number for you. The company that handles the card transaction, www.CCNow.com, is tops in secure ordering, and in the twelve years I have been using their services, I have never had a customer complain that their card info was misused. So, if you still don't wish to use your card, there is an order form you can print out and use to send with a check through the mail, here.

Shipping To Other Countries:

I currently accept only U.S. orders. (I can accept orders from Canadian buyers, at different shipping rates. Please contact me for more info on this.) However, I do offer an "MP3 download-only" option for which I can accept a Paypal payment. Go to this page should you wish for more information about this option.

Skit Use Notification: There is no need to ask permission; it is already given, unless you are charging admission. Please just let me know the script title you are using, and where you are using it.

All Other Inquiries From Here

Okay, if your question is different than the ones listed on the F.A.Q.s, if you have a comment, or whatever; please email me here! Give your phone number also, in case there is a problem with my email answer reaching you.

(STOP! Did you read the F.A.Q. list above before writing?)

NOTE: Email is notorious for being unreliable. It's better and faster to call me at the number below.

If you have any questions, you may call me on my cell at 912-347-9579 or the home office at 912-557-8921 .

If you don't find any of the skits on this site, Christian Skit Scripts, to be what you need, then look at some of the sites in the Christian Comedy and Drama Webring, which I also operate.


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