Video Spotlight

Sometimes I will see a video from a church performance of my scripts that just makes me proud! Here is a page spotlighting one such awesome performance, of "The Crate Escape." I am providing these links to their YouTube videos in order to not only show what an excellent job they did, but to also inspire you and impart ideas as you do them. They used the Soundtrack CD that goes with this skit, and it worked out great, as you will see.

The church is Westbridge Community Church in Lopatcong, New Jersey. Visit their website! Thanks to Mike Vonfabian there for providing the video links and for his work on the drama team.

(The play video has been split into four parts due to video length limitations at YouTube.)

The Crate Escape: Part 1

The Crate Escape: Part 2

The Crate Escape: Part 3

The Crate Escape: Part 4

More videos of the drama team:

View loads of photos and more video of others teams performing scripts from this site on the Submissions Page!


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