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On this page I spotlight churches that have sent me videotapes and photos of the performances of the scripts on this site. The most recent are at the bottom.

The first in this series comes from the New Hope Church youth group in Manteca, CA. They did a great job with the script "Assignment: Witness" and the photos show some of the scenes from it.

Thanks, guys, for sending me your video!

LeRoy Baptist Church in Canton, Pennsylvania did "The Great Church Robbery" in December of 2002, and they went all out! They even had a prop truck with working headlights for the climatic end.

Here are the demon characters Scuzzy and Sleazy from the skit "Assignment: Hindrance" as portrayed by the talent at Elm Grove UMC on October 19, 2003 in Burlison, TN. Submitted by Emily McCullough, she reported "Our church audience loved it!"

Here is C.O.R.E. group (Christian Oriented Radical Eighth-graders) at the Living Word Church in Brownwood, Texas as they perform our skit/song "Testimony Show." Says group leader Krista Johnson, "It blessed our church so much!"

The Hyles Baptist Church in Chesterfield, VA did "The Pastor's Barbeque" as part of a Western-themed event. They did a great job and recieved a standing ovation!

The 5th grade class at Calvary Christian School in Harlingen, Texas, performed the play "Jerusalem's Most Wanted" for chapel in January, 2004. According to teacher Anne Fischer, "The kids had a blast! Everything was awesome!!!"

The following photos were taken during a November 2003 performance of "In The Shadow Of Death," by the 7-9 grade Sunday School class at Charity Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio. They did a fantastic job, and then "Death" was the special speaker, delivering an eye-opening message about his methods of claiming lost souls, with "insider information" about how to avoid his sting. A soul was saved as a result.

The Charity Baptist Church of Dayton always does a great job with these skits. Here they are doing "New Year's Eve at the Bad Habit Club." Youth Pastor Brian Hargis reports,"The Junior High Sunday School class performed the skit in December 2004.  It was a smash hit!"


Linda Biggs, of Franklin, NC, in character during her performance of "The Great Church Robbery." According to her report, she recieved a standing ovation, and plans on doing it for other groups!

On May 23, 2004, the Youth Connection at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in East Brunswick, NJ, performed "The Sheep's Clothing Store" script. The young actor makes a dashing Mr. Wolfe!

The Christian Congregation of Alexandria IN did a special video of "The Great Church Robbery." They took still photos of the actors as they depicted the events of the story as heard on the soundtrack CD, and put it to a DVD slideshow and showed it to the church for Christmas. They did a fantastic job and it was a big hit! Click on the photo below to see a series of pictures from their awesome production.

The Junior Sunday School class of the Rouge Free Will Baptist Church in Rouge, MI, did "Attack of the Monster Tongue" at their Halloween alternative, "Hallelujah Celebration" in 2004. Reported the teacher (on the end in the red hat), "The whole church just loved it - they still talk about it! I passed out red wax lips at the end as treats to all."

The Quebec Baptist Church in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada performed "Season's Beatings: Live from Downtown" in Dec. of 2004.

The Lighthouse Community Church in Sarnia, Ontario, did a presentation of "How Nick Became A Saint."

The Alliance Friendship Church in Alliance, OH, did "The Red Tie Club" as part of a Souper Saturday event.

The Saint Peter's Church in Singapore, India presents "The Red Tie Club" for their congregation.

Here's a photo from a drama team doing "The Red Tie Club" that I found online but I don't have any information about where they are.

Two members of the Hyles Baptist Church in Chesterfield, VA, perform "Battle of the Sexes," and the congregation loved it.

On April 7th, 2007, a church youth group in Davao City, Philippines, did the Easter version of "The Great Church Robbery" Here, Ms. DeWitt is played by Darling Mainit.

The married drama ministers Karmen and Greg did "The Guy With the Cardboard Christ" script and they said it was "definitely an audience favorite."

Below are photos from "Steph" of her youth group's performances in Hawaii.
First is a shot from "The Guy With The Cardboard Christ"

Next is their performance of "Crazy For Christ."

Finally, a photo of "The Wrap Group."

Here's an image from a video posted on YouTube of an Arabic performance of
"Crisis on the Holiday Helpline," featuring the actors Moody and Dany. Interesting!

Here is part of the cast from the Newburg, Pennsylvania Green Spring Church of God performance of "The Christmas Family." “It’s a great way of retelling the Christmas story and proclaiming the gospel which is needed so desperately in this world,” Pastor Byers said of the play.

The Cornerstone Academy of Glenwood in Maryland did "The Great Church Robbery". (Below is an email about it.)

Hello, Fred!

I wanted to share some photos from Cornerstone Academy of Glenwood's production of "The Great Church Robbery."

We had our performance this past Thursday, Dec. 13th.  We had about 35 parents and friends in attendance and they just loved the show. Cornerstone is a small Christian high school for kids with learning differences.  In order to include all of our kids, we had three students share the Narrator role, and I also added the role of Mr. Dewitt's dog, in keeping with the "Grinch" model.  I hope you don't mind that...she did not have any lines...but, Dewitt addressed many of his complaints to his dog and handed off all his "stolen loot" to her to put into the truck.  It worked very well.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  They are actually from our dress rehearsal so some of the kids were not in complete costume.

Thank you so much for your ministry. Have a blessed Christmas!

-Mary Shinholt

The Unicoi Church of God in Unicoi, TN Did "The Christmas Family" on Dec. 16th. (Below is a report on how it went.)


There were about 60 in attendance.  We are a small church. Many stated it "was the best!" Was one of the easiest I have directed. I gave out scripts  two weeks before play... spent one day with the sound and light person and setting up stage... 3 practices... everything came together beautifully.

Thank you!  You have a wonderful and needed ministry!

-Debra Doan

The Mankin Assembly of God Church in Trinidad, Texas presented "The Christmas Family" on December 23, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. at Mankin Assembly of God Church in Trinidad, Texas. Anne Sherrill reported, "It was a great success!!!"

Dear Fred, Thanks so much for allowing us to use skits from your website. Our church used the skit "A Christmas Family" this past Christmas. The response was great. We performed it 3 times. I just wanted to send you some of my favorite shots from the performance: Daniel (played by Dacota Barnette) praying with Grandpa, and the Nativity with shepherds worshiping. Thanks again and keep writing. Your skits are so anointed. Jean Wheeler New Vision Pentecostal Church Princeton, WV

The Calvary Chapel Aurora, in Aurora CO did "The Christmas Family" and sent these photos below. The really did a good job also on the split stage backgrounds.

The Lakeside Drama group at Lakeside Baptist Heights in Point Claire, QC, Canada, did "Jerusalem's Most Wanted" in 2007, as well as "The Crate Escape."


I wish to thank you for the skit "The Red Tie Club" which I translated into Russian and used at our childrens camp last summer. We used it July of 2007 in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.  Not the most professional performance but everyone loved it and more importantly the truth got through to everyone.

-Matthew Berry 
Krasnoyarsk Kray,  Russia

On April 23, 2007, the Confirmation class at the St. Francis of Assissi Catholic Church performed "Jerusalem's Most Wanted." Rehearsing every night for two months, the youth put their all into the play. Click here to read an article published about the event! (Pictures coming soon.)

Micheal Dye's home church in Wimborne, Dorset in the United Kingdom did "The Christmas Family" in December of 2008 and it was a hit with everyone, so much so that they had to do it two Sundays in a row.

If your church performs any of the scripts on this site, and you have video or pictures, send them to me and they'll be featured here in the future!

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