A group acts out "The Pastor's Barbeque" song

The term "human videos" is used to describe the practice of the drama team acting out to a prerecorded song. (See the Wikipedia entry for Human Videos for a complete definition and overview.)

Since several of the scripts here are based on songs I wrote, recorded and released to national radio, they are very useful for this type of performance! No lines to learn or deliver... perfect for your youth drama team!

The song, which contains action and dialog, can be played as your team acts out the story, without having to learn and speak lines. Each of the soundtracks for the scripts below have the original fully-produced versions for using in this manner, besides the tracks for live dialog.

The scripts can be used as a guide to the actions and story... however, since the song is being used for a human video and it's not a direct performance of the script, you have some room for much creative interpretation as to your actions and choreography.

Here are the songs that would work wonderfully in this context. You will find a link to the script, and on the script page you will find the link for the soundtrack that goes with it. All of these songs are also on our Comedy CDs, in case you would rather buy the CD for all of the songs and skits, and not use the individual soundtrack CDs.

"The Great Church Robbery"
Inspired by "How The Grinch Stole Christmas, this is a short yet powerful presentation guaranteed to bring a smile to their lips and a tear to their eyes! It can be done as
a dramatic reading or acted out to the recording or live narration. Done by many for Christmas and Easter, it can be done at any time for a short presentation if you want something simple but very moving.
(From our album "
Comedy Skits and Songs." ) 6 minutes.

"The Pastor's Barbeque"
When some disgruntled church members call a secret meeting to plan the removal of their "meddling" pastor, the party is crashed by a mysterious Stranger who sets them straight in a way they'll
never forget! Based on the popular radio release of 2003 by Prime Example, this powerful and funny 6 minute song/skit hybrid is great for Pastor Appreciation Day or anytime.
(From our album "Comedy Cookout." )

"Attack of the Monster Tongue"
Looking for something short but hard-hitting and fall-down funny? Why not perform our radio hit song with skit elements, "Attack of the Monster Tongue?" Lots of others around the country have; puppet teams, singing groups, drama teams, and more. You'll cackle and chortle over this story of Gossips Gone Wild! (Features a track from the Prime Example album for preview!) About 4 minutes long.
(From our album
"Comedy Skits and Songs." )

"Testimony Show"
An announcer at a Christian radio station opens the phone lines to give his listeners an opportunity to share their testimony. His emotional state comically deteriorates as the calls instead become a testimony to defeat, trouble and thanklessness! This 5-6 minute song with skit elements is performed to music, and works great for Thanksgiving. Also great for puppet teams, and combinations of drama team/singing group. (Features a track from our album for preview!)
(From our album
"Comedy Skits and Songs." )

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