"Mama's Close Call"

by Fred Passmore copyight 2003

Characters: Mama, a lady in her mid-60's. Her son Louie, who is about 25-30 years old. Three young people as paramedics. A female for the voice of the telemarketer that calls.

Costumes: A simple dress or bathrobe for Mama, with fuzzy slippers, as well as a wig with graying hair. (Gray spray-on hair coloring may be used instead, if preferred.) Louie is in casual slacks and shirt. The paramedics should be in white.

Props: A can of soda, a bag of microwave popcorn and a bowl, TV remote, phone, a cell phone for Louie, a medical kit, a white plastic bracelet. A real medical stretcher should be used if available, as it will add realism and comedic effect. (If no stretcher is available, a wheelchair may be used, or a table with wheels, covered with a sheet.)

Setting: Mama's living room, with a recliner, end table with lamp and phone. Another chair nearby, and as much set dressing and decoration as desired. If a TV is used, have it on one end of the stage next to the front, with it's back to the audience and facing Mama's recliner. Otherwise just have Mama aim her remote at the audience and look their way as if looking at a TV.

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