"Jerusalem's Most Wanted"
by Fred Passmore
copyight 2003

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Characters: Narrator John Walshavius, Peter, the Angel of the Lord, the Captain of the Guard, the two main guards, the Centurion, two soldiers with him, Rhoda, Mary Magdelene, Mary the mother of Jesus, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Thomas, and several others with them. This drama takes 20-25 minutes to perform, but if you wish to lengthen the time of the program, consider having special songs during the scene changes. Having singers perform a song between each act will extend the drama time to fill your entire program.

Costumes: Roman armor and helmet for the Centurion, tunics and sandals for the Captain and the guards. Various robes and tunics for the disciples. White robe for the Angel. (For some helpful links to websites that sell full Roman and Biblical costumes, go here.)

Props: Chains and bonds, spears and swords.

Setting: A primitive prison for one side of the stage, a simple room for the other. A door leading out in the prison and a door, sideways with both sides visible, for the upper room.

NOTE: Your actors deliver the dialog and you play the background music and effects tracks as listed in the script to enhance your performance.

Soundtrack: This play, to be done properly, will need certain sound effects and music, which are listed in the script. The soundtrack for this skit is on the Soundtrack CD #6.

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Note: Realising that not everyone can memorise the longer parts of the narrator's lines, here is a suggestion to use if needed: print out the Narrator's lines (click here for a printable page that isolates them) and tape them together, top to bottom, to make a long sheet. Attach the top and bottom of the sheet to dowels, then roll them together to make a scroll. The announcer then can open the scroll and refer to it as he delivers his lines, staying in character and bringing in a historical element that will humorously do the work of a teleprompter!

Scene 1:
Peter is imprisoned.

(Play Track #1 on the soundtrack CD.)

(The narrator walks out on stage after the show's theme music, and addresses the audience. If the actor is using the printed lines, he opens the scroll and reads them.)

Narrator: "Welcome to Jerusalem's Most Wanted. I'm John Walshavius. Every week we bring you the story of a fugitive from justice, and you, the viewers, help these wanted suspects be apprehended. Last week, James, the brother and a follower of Jesus, was captured, tried, convicted and executed, all thanks to you, and the tireless efforts of our brave law enforcement officials.

This week, our show spotlights one of the ringleaders in the Jesus gang. Simon, cryptically referred to in sedition circles as "the Big Fisherman," formerly operated a family fishing company before he was caught up in this religious cult. Since the crucifixion and rumored revival of the messiah-figure Jesus, whom we have reported on in previous programs, Simon Peter has become a notorious figure in the news. Weeks earlier, when the Sadducees and the High Priest had thrown Peter and many other of the followers of Jesus in the town jail, they escaped under mysterious circumstances.

Last week, Simon, who also goes by the alias of Peter, was finally netted by the Roman authorities and placed in Herod's prison for trial and sentencing. But unbelievably, he somehow also escaped this high-security stronghold, with the help of unknown accomplices, and is currently at large, healing the sick, causing commotions, and spreading his heretical and dangerous doctrines.

Tonight we dramatise the events of that daring jailbreak, based on the testimony of eyewitnesses. Keep your eyes open for...Jerusalem's Most Wanted."

(Play Track #2: Show Theme Reprise)

(He walks off as the theme music comes on again briefly, and a curtain is drawn back on one side of the stage where the prison set is constructed.)

(There are several guards seated around a table playing a game of some type, talking and laughing. A centurion enters with two soldiers, escorting Peter into the cell, who is chained.)

Centurion: "Attention! Captain of the Guard! We have a real prisoner for you to guard this time."

(All of the men jump up and form a line. The Captain of the Guard steps forward from the line and salutes the Centurion in the Roman manner.)

Centurion: "As promised, the prisoner named Simon Peter, delivered to your tender care."

Captain: (Laughing.) "We'll treat him royally, sir."

Centurion: "See that you do. Herod intends on delivering him to the headsman tomorrow morning to impress the Jewish Council. He needs their support since that whole Messiah fiasco."

Captain: (Taking Paul and chaining him between the two guards.) "We'll supply him with some choice company. Murderers, thieves, rebels. A fanatic religious zealot should feel right at home."

(The Centurion turns to leave.)

Centurion: "I'll be back in the morning for him. Be on the alert for any rescue attempt. This is one of the fellows that walked out of the town jail recently, when all of the doors were still locked. He's a slippery one."

Captain: "He won't escape from this prison, sir. We pledge out lives to that."

Centurion: "Excellent. Because they will be forfeit of anything happens to let him escape this time."

(He exits.)

Captain: (To Peter with a mock bow.) "Welcome to our humble inn. I trust you'll find the room to your liking!"

Peter: (Shrugging.) "Anywhere the Lord Jesus places me is fine, as long as He's with me."

(The guards laugh uproariously at this.)

Guard #1: (Looking around.) "I don't see Jesus anywhere!"

Guard #2: (Poking the other in the arm.) "Of course not, he's dead!" (He mimes a dead man, posing with his arms crossed on his chest and his head tilted back.)

Guard #1: "That's right, I remember now, Jesus was that crazy Nazarene they crucified a while back."

Peter: "They did. But He lives."

Captain: "Oh, come on...everyone knows that you or some of his other disciples stole the body while the guards at the tomb slept!"

Peter: "Oh, you mean Roman guards, like you? If a band of men crept past an entire squadron of soldiers, broke the seal, moved a huge stone, and walked off with the body without waking a single guard, then getting out of here with the few of you should be a breeze!"

Captain: "If you get out of here, we will all be burned alive. I don't think we'll let that happen."

Peter: "As I recall, none of the soldiers in the squadron guarding his tomb were killed, or even disciplined. I wonder why not, if they told the truth?"

Guard #1: (To the others.) "You know, he's got a point there. I wondered about that myself! Sleeping on duty is punishable by death."

Guard #2: "It doesn't make much sense, does it?"

Captain: "Fools! Letting this ignorant fisherman put doubts in your mind... what are you, followers of this Jesus now?"

Guard #1: "Well, how do you explain it? (To the other guard.) What's more, I saw some of those same men the next day in a bar, spending money like there was no tomorrow. Not only do they get off scot-free for negligence of duty, but they got paid off by someone!"

Guard #2: "Smells like a cover-up to me."

Captain: "Keep it up, men, and you'll be in chains in prison along with this Simon Peter fellow."

Peter: "Looks like they already are."

(The two guards look at each other.)

Guard #1: "He's got another good point there!"

(The Captain, seeing the danger, changes the subject.)

Captain: "Well, Simon, why would you..."

Peter: (Interrupting.) My name is Peter, now. Jesus gave me a new name when He gave me a new life."

Captain: "Riiiiight... Well, Simon, or Peter, or whatever, you used to be a fisherman before falling in with this Jesus, didn't you?"

Peter: "I was."

Guard #2: "Hey, I remember you now... you were hanging around our fire the night we arrested Jesus and brought him in for trial."

Peter: "That's... that's right." (He hangs his head.)

Guard #2: "And you denied even knowing Jesus, three times if I recall!"

Peter: "I did deny him, to my shame."

Guard #1: "So, why are you so fanatical about him now, to get yourself thrown in jail?"

Peter: "Because He forgave me, restored me, and commissioned me to be a part of his great work, saving the souls of sinful men. He is God, and my life is his."

Guard #1: "Well, if Jesus is God, and he's alive again, why is he letting you get arrested, instead of coming to rescue you? Sounds like he might still have a grudge against you, hmm?"

Captain: "Yeah, maybe he's denying that he knows you during your arrest! Payback time!"

(They all laugh at this.)

Captain: "Hey, I think I like this God of yours, sounds like he has a real sense of humor! What a joke on you!"

(They laugh even harder, and the soldiers sit down, with Peter chained between them.)

(Play Track #3: Scene Transition Music. As it plays, the Narrator comes on again, as the curtain is drawn over the prison scene.)

Narrator: "Peter was safely incarcerated in the capable hands of experienced high-security prison staff. No-one had ever succeeded in an escape effort from this impenetrable fortress. But that was about to change. Meanwhile, hidden in their meeting place in a house in Jerusalem, were the rest of the wanted members of the infamous Jesus gang. Plotting together, they reacted to the news that their beloved Simon Peter was now going to face the justice of Rome and Herod's police force."

(As the narrator walks off, the curtain is drawn back from the other side of the stage where the upper room set is.)

Scene 2.
The church gathers together when they hear the news about Peter.

(Everyone is talking at the same time in worried tones. Matthew raises his arms and tries to quiet them.)

Matthew: "Everyone! Please, let's settle down."

The crowd grows quiet, amid a few remaining grumbles.

Mary Magdelene: "Let Matthew speak!"

Matthew: "Thank you, Mary. Now, the only thing we know for sure is that Peter has been arrested. We don't know when the trial is, or what the outcome will be."

Thomas: "I think we all know the outcome. Peter will be put to the sword just like James, and then they'll come for us. Herod thinks that by killing us he can get in good with the council. He needs some friends after everything that has happened."

Mary Magdelene: "No, Thomas, Jesus won't let us all be killed. He told us to go into all the earth to tell everyone the good news. We may just have to leave here. After all, we've just been staying around Jerusalem, we've not really done what He said."

Luke: "Mary has a point. I think we should all leave tonight."

(Many of the others agree.) "Luke is right! Let's get out of here!"

Matthew: "I agree we should begin going out to the other provinces, but right now we have to do something about Peter. We can't just abandon him!"

(Some of the others agree with that statement.) "Yeah, Peter is one of the best we have! He's too important!"

Thomas: "There's nothing we can do to help him now. I doubt any of us could break into that Roman prison and stage a jailbreak."

John: "Are you all forgetting how the Lord delivered us before, when we were in jail, and an angel opened the doors for us?"

Thomas: "That was the town jail, with one old man holding the key. This is Herod's prison, with hundreds of soldiers guarding it. There is nothing we can do."

(A voice is heard.) "You're wrong, Thomas."

(Mary, the mother of Jesus moves forward from where she has been standing quietly. The crowd parts to let her through.)

Mary: "There is something we can do. You are forgetting what my Son told us when He was among us."

(The crowd grows silent, as they focus on her and listen.)

Mary: "He said, 'Ask anything in My name and I will do it.' Did He ever lie?"

Crowd: (Most of them expressing the sentiment;) "No, never!"

Mary: "Is He capable of delivering Peter?"

Crowd: (Even more agreeing, with various versions of;)"Yes! He can!"

Mary: "Then, if it is in His Father's will, The Lord Jesus will make it so that Peter will be free, as He did before. Let us pray for that."

(The crowd agrees and they begin to gather in several groups in their knees.)

Matthew: "Rhoda, keep a lookout at the door and let us know if anyone tries to get in. They may come for us even this night."

(She nods and leaves the stage as they begin praying vocally and simultaneously.)

(Play Track #4: Scene Transition Music. The curtain is drawn as the Narrator returns.)

Narrator: "Conspiring with a higher power, the followers of the rumored-to-be-risen Jesus Christ spent the rest of the night in petitioning their God. Back at Herod's prison facilities, Peter, seemingly unconcerned about his looming trial and execution, slept the sleep of the innocent. What would happen later, in the early morning hours, was as shocking as it was unexpected."

(He leaves as the curtain is drawn back from the prison set.)

Scene 3:
The angel comes to rescue Peter.

(Peter is asleep on the floor chained between the two sitting guards. He is snoring. The guards and the Captain are awake. They are speaking quietly.)

Captain: "Keep sharp, men. If this man's friends decide to try a rescue attempt, kill him before you let him be freed."

Guard #1: "We're wide awake, sir. He's not going anywhere."

Guard #2: "We couldn't sleep if we wanted to, with his infernal snoring! He's sleeping like a baby."

Guard #1: "If I was about to get my head lopped off, sleeping would be the last thing I could do. This guy beats all I've ever seen."

Captain: (Thoughtfully.) "Doesn't seem to be the behavior of a man who stole Jesus body, then claimed he came back from the dead. Why would he die for what he knows is a lie?"

Guard #2. "Maybe it's not. A lot of strange happenings surround the whole event. Darkness at noonday when he was crucified, an earthquake, rumors of people rising from the dead on the same day..."

Guard: #1: "I heard there was a big commotion down at the Jew's main temple. Something about what they call the Holy of Holies being opened up. Lots of shouting and running on that day. They couldn't offer the yearly sacrifice, and it was a disaster for them."

Captain: "I didn't want to say anything, but I got one of the guards at his tomb, a friend of mine, to talk about what happened. It's not the story they're circulating about falling asleep."

Guard #1: "I knew it! What did he tell you?"

Captain: "I just put it down to tall tales, but he said that on that morning after the Jewish sabbath, a big man in glistening white clothes came down from the sky and rolled away the stone, then sat on it. Then a light, like the sun was rising in the tomb, blinded them as they looked into it. They all fell down in terror and couldn't move."

(They all sit quietly for a moment as this sinks in.)

Captain: "But, like I said, just tall tales probably."

Guard #2: "That would explain why the guards were paid off. Somebody bribed them to cover this up, and say they were sleeping, them got them off with Pilate."

Guard #1: "It sure sounds like it. And wait... what about the centurian that was responsible for that Jesus fellow's crucifixion... Flavius, wasn't it?"

Captain: "It was Flavius. He was my commander once."

Guard #1: "Yeah, there was something I heard about why he was stripped of his rank. It had to do with what happened that day, didn't it?"

Captain: "It did. I knew him for years, but after that day he wasn't the same. He saw something that changed him, and he was never able to get over it. I hear that he actually believed that this Jesus was the son of God, or something like that. Sad."

Guard: "I wonder whatever happened to him?"

Captain: "I've heard he joined the Nazarene's followers and is in hiding somewhere in the hills. If he's ever found, we'll probably see him right here in prison."

Guard #1: "I'm beginning to think there's something to all of this. The centurion... and this fellow Peter... hehas the peace of a man who truly believes in what he says."

Captain: "He does seem to be at peace. James, the brother of this Jesus, went to his death the same way. I saw him. No fear at all."

Guard #2: "I wonder what it is about this Jesus that inspires such devotion?"

Captain: "I don't know. But I know one thing, Jesus or no Jesus, Peter dies in the morning. No "big man in glistening clothes" is going to make me keel over in fright like a baby! He's getting out of here over my dead body."

(Play Track #5: Angel Appears music.)

(The Captain and the guards suddenly, and all at once, sink down into a deep sleep as if stuck dead, and, with a blaze of light, an Angel enters the room. Stepping around the prone bodies of the guards, the Angel kneels beside Peter.)

Angel: (in a normal, but quiet voice, to avoid startling Peter) "Peter, arise; I have come to deliver you."

(Peter snores a big snore, which the angel reacts to.)

Angel: (Louder) "Peter! Awake, and let us be gone from hence!"

(Peter turns over, raises his head and looks at the angel blearily, shakes his head and lays it back down with another loud snore.)

Angel: (to himself, in disbelief) No wonder the Lord renamed him Peter, he sleeps like a rock! (Louder, placing a hand on Peter's shoulder and shaking him gently. ) Peter! Wake up! I have come from the Lord to ..."

Peter: (Mumbling.) "Aw, Momma, I'm still sleepy." (He rolls over on his side away from the Angel and begins to snore again.)

Angel: (With amazement.) "He doesn't need awakened, he needs resurrected! All right, the kid gloves are off."

(He smacks Peter sharply in the side with his palm.)

Angel: (Loudly.) "Wake up, Peter!"

(This has the desired effect as Peter cuts off in mid-snore and awakes with a start, sitting up.)

Peter: "What?! I'm up, I'm up!"

Angel: (to himself) "Finally. (to Peter) All right, now that I have your attention..."

Peter: (Rubbing his eyes.) "I heard someone call my name, but I thought I was dreaming..."

Angel: "It was no dream. Now, arise, and follow me...."

Peter: (Looking around, he leans back on his elbows and squints up at the Angel.) "It's not anywhere near morning yet. Herod can't execute me in the middle of the night!"

Angel: "I'm not here to take you to execution. I am here to..."

Peter: "Well, why are you bothering me, then! (Lays back down and puts his arm over his eyes.) And put out that light. Don't I deserve the decency of one last good night's sleep? I'm about to lose my head for Heaven's sake!"

Angel: (to himself) "And I'm about to lose my patience. (To Peter.) You aren't going to lose your head for Heaven's sake. You've got it upside down. Heaven has more work for you to do first. (He stands, looking down at Peter.) Now, get up!"

Peter: "Well, all right. (As he stands, the chains fall off of his wrists.) Hey... how'd that happen?"

Angel: (The Angel turns to leave.) "Let us go, quickly!"

Peter: (Not moving.) "This can't be happening. Locked shackles don't just fall off by themselves! Oh, I get it, I'm still dreaming! Wow, it seems so real."

Angel: (stops and looks back, impatiently.) "You are not dreaming. You are being delivered. I am an Angel of the Lord, sent to free you, in response to the prayers of the believers."

Peter: "This is so freaky! I'd almost swear you were real, if you didn't glow like a firefly."

Angel: (Covering his eyes with his hands as if he has a headache, he pulls his hand down over his face, stretching it.) "I really don't understand the Lord's choice of disciples sometimes..."

Peter: (Getting into it now.) "Yeah, if this were really happening, these guards would wake up when we talked! Look... (Leaning over, he waves his hand in front of the face of one of the unconscious guards.) Hey, ugly! Wake up! I'm escaping! Woo, hoo! (He jumps up and down.) See? Come and get me! (To the Angel.) That proves this is a dream."

Angel: "It proves you're a... look, it's not a dream, it's a miracle. Now, come on."

Peter: "Okay, okay. (Shrugging.) What have I got to lose? I'm interested to see how this turns out, now."

(He starts to walk out, but the Angel stops him.)

Angel: "Put on your belt and shoes first!"

Peter: (Looking down at his bare feet.) "Oh, right. (He starts to do so, tightening his belt and slipping on his sandals.) Yeah, wouldn't want to walk around in my dream half-naked! That would be a nightmare. (He straightens up. ) Ready!"

Angel: (With exaggerated patience.) "Wrap your cloak around you, it's cold outside."

Peter: "Oops. Heh, heh. Sure, why not? (Starts putting it on.) You're pretty bossy for a figment of my mind. You remind me of my mother-in-law. One time she was over at our house, and she says to me, 'Simon! You smell like fish! Go clean up before you come in here!' I told her to..."

Angel: (Pointing at the door, he roars.) "FOLLOW ME!" (As if to underscore his impatience, thunder is heard in the distance)

(Play Track #6: Distant Thunder Rolls...)

Peter: "Okay, I'm coming! No need to get all apocalyptic on me. I just hope you got a key for the gate. It would take a miracle to get through that big old... "

(SFX: creaky iron gate, continuation of Track #6, Gate Opens. )

(The large door swings open of it's own accord as they near it.)

Peter: (Amazed.) Hey, look at that! What a trip. Man, I hope I remember this in the morning..."

(Peter walks through the door, but the Angel walks behind it and out of sight behind the black cloth or curtain. Peter looks around as he go out into the courtyard.)

Peter: "Okay, we're out, bright-eyes, now wha... (He notices that the Angel is no longer with him. He looks around.) He disappeared! (He shrugs.) Oh, well, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. Dreams are weird. (He shivers.) And this one is cold. Good thing he reminded me to wear my cloak, after all." (He stands there a few moments.)

(Play Track #7: Rain and Thunder: play for as long as needed and fade out when neccessary.)

Peter: "Great, now it's raining! I can't even have a comfortable dream. I hope I wake up soon, this isn't fun anymore. I'm getting wet!

(Drawing his cloak tighter around him.) Maybe I'm awake after all. Let's see... (He slaps his face.) Ouch! That hurt. (Incredulously.) I don't believe it! I really am free! It's a miracle! (Jubilantly.) Praise the Lord! Now I know for sure the Lord sent his angel and delivered me from Herod, and the plans of the council. (Walks around excitedly in a circle while he thinks.) So what do I do? I can't stay here. I can't go home, that's the first place they'd look for me. But where else can I go in the middle of the night? Wait, the big shiny guy said the other believers were praying for me. They're probably all at Mary's house. (Snaps his fingers.) I'll go there and tell them the Lord sprung me from Herod's prison! Won't they be happy? (He sets off quickly and heads off stage, with a look back.) Man, I feel sorry for those poor guards in the morning... I wouldn't want to be in their sandals! Heh, heh, heh!"

(Play Track #8: Scene Transition Music)

(The Narrator once again enters as the curtain is drawn over the prison set.)

Narrator: "Slipping off quietly under the cover of rain and darkness, the fugitive from the law Simon Peter made good his outrageous escape. Oblivious and unconcious from the attack, the guards and prison staff were little aware that their most dangerous inmate was once again free to cause upset and anarchy. As he made his way to a safe house, where his accomplices continued their prayer vigil, Peter runs into an unexpected roadblock on his race for freedom."

(He walks offstage as the curtain is drawn back on the upper room set.)

Scene 4:
Peter rejoins the disciples, to their surprise.

Rhoda is sitting next to the door. The disciples are all in the next room. Peter approaches from the other side and knocks lightly at the door, as he looks around. Rhoda leaps up and moves to the door on the other side, listening.

(Peter knocks again, louder this time.)

Rhoda: "Who's there?"

Peter: (In a low but urgent voice.) "Peter!"

Rhoda: "Peter who?"

Peter: "Simon Peter!"

Rhoda: (Loudly) "Simon Peter?"

Peter: "Not so loud, I've just escaped from prison!"

Rhoda: "Get outta town!"

Peter: "I'm going to, but I wanted to first let you know I was free! Now open up, so they don't capture me again."

Rhoda: "You sound like Peter, but you can't be. He's in Herod's prison. In fact, we're all in here praying for his release. Now go away!"

Peter: "I promise, it's really Simon Peter."

Rhoda: "Then prove it! Say something Peter would say."

Peter: (Now angry.) "Open this door right now or I'll stick my foot through it!"

Rhoda: "It IS you! Wait till I tell the rest!" (She runs off to tell the others.)

Peter: "No, wait! Open the door first! (Sighs heavily when he realises she has left.) It may take another miracle to get me in this place."

(Peter draws his cloak closer to him and looks around to make sure there is no-one watching him.)

(Rhoda returns with the crowd of people behind her.)

Rhoda: "I'm telling you, it's Peter!"

Thomas: "I doubt that; there's no way in heaven he could have gotten out of that prison!"

Luke: "Maybe it's his angel!"

Rhoda: "That's what I thought, but an angel wouldn't get so mad at me! It's Peter in the flesh, I'm sure of it!

Mark: "You're crazy, Rhoda. You're imagining things!"

Mary Magdelene: (To Rhoda.) "Don't worry honey, they said the same thing about me not so long ago."

(Play Track #9 Happy Reunion Music.)

(Matthew reaches the door and opens it. Peter steps in to the crowd's amazement.)

(They all exclaim;) "Peter! It's him! He's free! Praise the Lord!"

Rhoda: "See, I told you so!"

(Mary high-fives with Rhoda.)

Mary: "What did I tell you, girl! It feels good to say, don't it?"

(They all gather around him, hugging him, shaking his hand, and patting his back in affection as they laugh and talk, questioning him. Peter finally raises his hands to quiet them down.)

Matthew: "Simon Peter, how can this be? We thought you were in prison. We've been praying for your release!"

Peter: "I was! But the Lord answered your prayer. He sent an angel to deliver me, right under the very noses of the guards!"

Thomas: "It's a miracle! The Lord really did it!"

Mary, mother of Jesus: "Did you ever doubt Him?"

Peter: "I can't stay long, they'll be searching Jerusalem when they realise I got away."

John: "That's true. But first come and sit down a few minutes, Peter, and get warm, and we'll get some food for you. You can tell us all about what happened then."

(Play Track #10: Scene Transition Music.)

(They all leave, talking happily and smiling, as the curtain is pulled over the set. The Narrator walks on stage.)

Narrator: "The drama that played out on the night of the jailbreak wasn't over, as in the morning the prison staff became aware of the escape. Chaos and confusion reigned as the realization sank in that their security had been breached, and repercussions were to swiftly follow. Sadly, not everyone came through the events of that night unscathed. Justice denied, became justice enraged. And the righteous fury of the law was not to be denied an outlet."

(He stands to the side of the stage, still there, but observing the events on the other side, as the curtain is drawn back to reveal the prison set for the last time.)

Scene 5:
Paul is discovered missing from prison; end of play.

(The guards and the Captain are still unconscious when the door opens and the Centurion comes walks in with two soldiers. He looks around at the prone guards in disbelief.)

Centurion: (Shouting.) "Captain! On your feet!"

(The captain and the guards come to, looking around in panic.)

Captain: (Frantically, to the guards.) "Where is the prisoner?"

(The look around wildly, and at each other, and raise their hands helplessly.)

Guard #1: "He was chained between us!"

(They hold up the chain, and the shackles, which are still closed.)

Guard #2: "This is impossible!"

Centurion: "Captain? What do you have to say?"

Captain: (beginning to shake) "I... I can't explain it."

Centurion: "I can. You were all asleep and allowed the prisoner to escape."

Captain: "But the door was locked... and the guards outside had the key! And the outer gate was secured! No-one could have sneaked in here, taken the key, freed Peter and opened both gates while everyone slept... I don't understand... I..." (He is speechless.)

Centurion: "I accuse all of you in plotting to help the prisoner escape. In any event, you are all under arrest for extreme dereliction of duty."

(Play Track #11: Begin Scene Conclusion Music. This music should come to it's conclusion just after the final lines of the scene are delivered)

(The Centurion motions with his head to the guards behind him, who raise their spears and push the three men into a group.)

Centurion: "Since there is no prisoner for the trial, you will be tried in his place. Herod is going to be very upset that you have denied him his prize."

Captain: (Protesting as he is being led away.) "Jesus must have delivered him! Peter must have been right about Him being raised from the dead. It was a supernatural rescue. It's the only explanation!"

Centurion: "I don't think it's one that Herod will want to hear."

Captain: (Grimly.) "I guess Peter's God does have a sense of humor after all... he's certainly getting the last laugh on me."

(The two guards are frightened and are clinging to each other.)

Guard #1: (As they are being led off.) "Hey, do you think that Jesus would hear our prayers?"

Guard #2: "I hope so, cause I'm gonna being praying real hard to Him in the next few minutes!"

(Scene Conclusion Music ends here.)

(The Narrator comes back to center stage and wraps up the show.)

Narrator: "Peter's escape had severe repercussions for the entire prison, prompting an investigation of all employees and guards, eventually resulting in the execution and complete replacement of the entire staff. New security measures were implemented to guarantee that such an event could never occur again. Simon Peter, meanwhile, is still at large. Your assistance is needed to locate him and his fellow gang members, and to bring them to justice. Please report any information you may have as to the activities and whereabouts of this dangerous criminal. Rest assured, the might of Rome will wipe out all traces of this strange religion. History will record how our divine Emporer forever banished the name of this Jesus.

We'll be back next week with more news in the ongoing struggle to enforce the law and punish evildoers. In the meantime, be on the alert for... Jerusalem's Most Wanted. I'm John Walshavius. Good night!"

(Play Track #12 Show Close Music. Theme music plays as he walks off.)

The End

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