The first soundtrack created in response to popular demand!

About a third of the scripts here do not have soundtracks to go with them, since not all are written to include much music and effects; it depends on the needs of the script. But, I would still get emails asking if there was a soundtrack for those, since they liked the soundtracks for the others. I always explained that the script did not have enough music or effects needed to justify a soundtrack CD like some of the others.

But as time went by, I realised that many would like to have at least some kind of music even for those. They enjoyed using the existing CDs on what they had done from here before, and didn't want to do anything "dry" anymore! (Once you "track," you can't go back!) So, I decided to put together a supplemental CD that supplied the musical open and close parts for the remaining "track-less" scripts, for people to use if they wanted to add that "little something extra" to their performance.

You asked for it, you got it!

So, on the Soundtracks Page you will now find available to order the Supplemental Skit Trax CD that contains the musical elements for the following scripts:

"The Wrap Group,"
"The Guy With the Cardboard Christ,"
"The Stupid Dummy's Guide To Higher Self-Esteem,"
"A Canvas of Lies,"
"A Day To Remember,"
"Crazy For Christ,"
"The Sheep's Clothing Store,"
"The Gift,"
"The Man With The Shellfish Heart,"
"Assignment: Hindrance,"
"In The Shadow Of Death," and
"Tricks or Treats: Scare vs Share."
Plus, the standard open and close music for the short "Skit Bits" scripts!

Most have two tracks per script; an Open and Close musical piece. Some have more; additional incidental music or effects that are called for in the script. If you want to see what tracks there are for any of the above individual scripts, then open the script title on the Scripts Page and look over it. There are notations on each as to how many tracks are needed and the track number that corresponds on this CD. There are thirty-five tracks total, and is only $20 plus shipping. A great price for a great resource!

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OR: Buy JUST the MP3 files for digital download for only $15. (The physical CD does not come with this option.) Click here to Add to Cart and get the instant download, then burn an audio CD from it!

NEW! Click here to listen to a new feature: a 6 minute Windows Media preview of the entire soundtrack CD, with short clips from each track!