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In the spring of 1999, something amazing happened for Prime Example: our second song released to radio through Capitol Enterprises was a hit on every station that took a chance and played it! Enough reporting stations had it in their Top Ten chart that it showed up in the national Singing News magazine's chart at #73 in their Top 80 Southern Gospel songs for February of that year. (Our first release, "Testimony Show," had risen as far as #121 on the Singing News chart.) Prime Example's radio distributor, Danny Kramer of Capitol Enterpises, stated, "The response we've received is phenomenal! No other song we've ever released on our compilation discs has ever gotten this kind of reaction.... DJ's from all over are calling to say that they love it!"

Now, with the Spring 2006 re-release to radio, history is repeating itself! Randy Catoe, General Manager of WSTS in Fairmont, NC, said "I aired 'Atttack of the Monster Tongue' during our morning show this morning and got an unbelievable response!" Similar reports are coming in from all over.

You can get the Prime Example CD that contains this song, plus others, on the Comedy CDs page.

But you can also get the soundtrack CD to do it yourself! Keep reading...

Now available in two versions!
Read the lyrics of the song/skit by going here.
Read the script of the sketch based on the song

We have received many calls from stations reporting that their request lines were going crazy over "The Monster Tongue," and listeners arecalling us not only for copies of the song, but for the soundtrack to it, so they could perform it, too!

Due to popular demand, we are making available the soundtrack to this song so that you or your group can sing and perform it! But the CD contains much more than just one soundtrack...there are multiple cuts for your convenience!

(Move your mouse over the
tongue to see it on the move!)

Cut 1 is the complete song.
Cut 2 is without the skit parts, so your group can
act out them out and do their own dialogue.
Cut 3 is without the narration or skit parts.
Cut 4 is the music and sound effects only.

Then there is a section of isolated song bits
and sound effects for use with the longer
sketch version of the song. You will
need these to perform the sketch properly.

We decided to release all these different versions so that you can choose the level of involvement you or your group take in performing it. After all it's not your typical "put on the music and sing along" type of song, is it? Some had not considered the options they would have to decide on to perform it, so we thought it out and made all versions available for your ease of use.

(Note: Before ordering, think about this: if all you need is a recording of the song, it's better to get the whole album that it's on, called "Comedy Skits & Songs," available on our Comedy CDs page. That's a better use of your money: you get more for it. However, if you want the soundtrack versions to sing to or perform lines with, then the soundtrack CD is what you need.)

This soundtrack is on the Double Feature CD #2 with the soundtrack to "Testimony Show."

The price for the Double Feature CD #2 Soundtrack is $20, plus $2 shipping and handling. To instantly order your copy using a credit card, go to our Soundtracks Page.

If you would rather order through the mail using a check or money order, click here for a printable order form.

Here's a funny looking "Big Mouth" puppet that can be used to cavort around during the chorus of the song, and lip-synch to the lyrics. Order it for $59.95 by going to this site. (Clicking on the link will open a new browser window. I do not sell this item; I only link to it. When finished, close that window and this site will still be open.)

Takin' It On The Road!

If you present this skit more than once, at different places (as many have), the investment will be more than worth it. Used in conjunction with the soundtrack, it will be a hit everywhere!

Here is part of an article that appeared in the Dallas Morning News on Sunday | July 22, 2001 about a puppet team that uses the Monster Tongue song for their puppet program. Many puppet ministries have used it and have reported great success.

Watch that tongue!

Puppets' lessons reach beyond church


By KRISTEN HOLLAND / The Dallas Morning News

Audience members had better watch more than their own tongues when
the Gospel Expression Puppets take the stage.

They'd better watch for the Monster Tongue, too.

The puppet appears during a song
about the dangers of gossiping.
Titled The Attack of the Monster
Tongue, the act is one of the
puppet group's most requested and
is based on ideas from the biblical
Book of James.

"The tongue can be the most
damaging weapon," said Yavonne
Simons, wife of puppeteer Reggie
Simons and a member of the Brand
New Touch musical group.

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