Mickey’s Christmas Carol

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Walt’s Disney’s 1983 version of “A Christmas Carol”

Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983) (25:36)

After thirty years with no new big screen material, Mickey returned in this featurette-length condensed adaptation of Charles Dickens’ immortal classic A Christmas Carol. Scrooge McDuck is a natural choice to play the role of Ebenezer Scrooge, a grouchy miser who loves money and hates Christmas. Mickey plays Bob Cratchit, Scrooge’s hard-working and underappreciated secretary.

Scrooge gets a chance for redemption when the ghost of his old boss Jacob Marley (Goofy) tells him he’ll be visited by three more spirits. These spirits (played by Jiminy Cricket, the giant from “Mickey and the Beanstalk”, and Pete) seek to show Scrooge the wrong he’s done, doing, and will do in an effort for him to change before it’s too late. Even though the familiar story is condensed, it retains its effectiveness and stays fast paced and full of classic Disney characters.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol is a rousing success of a return, as it’s not only one of the best Mickey shorts, but perhaps one of the finest half-hour animated shorts ever made. Along with the Muppets and Scrooged, it’s one of the most memorable recent film versions of this excellent holiday tale. From its warm opening titles with cheery song to its heartfelt conclusion, Mickey’s Christmas Carol is a wonderful, spirited cartoon.

In addition to picking up an Academy Award nomination, the film launched careers for a variety of animators such as Mark Henn and Pixar director John Lasseter.

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