1978 Marvel Comic Adaptation

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Back in 1978, Marvel Comics published their adaptation of “A Christmas Carol.” Their dynamic artists and story-telling style brought the tale to life in a way unlike the somewhat stodgy “Classics Illustrated” books had done. The comic-book style was not changed in deference to the classic stature of the story, but retained and used to make the story more fun and atmospheric.

Reading it is a yearly tradition for me now, as much as the original text, and viewing the movies. It takes me back to a simpler time, when, as a kid, reading my comics or books was my favorite thing to do. I remember several December evenings, stretching out on my bed, my dog Nichol (a beautiful Collie/Pekingese mix) snuggled against me, as I read the comic and listened to Christmas music on my headphones. The rainy, cold weather outside had made the windows fog up, and the smell of dinner cooking permeated the house.

I know that you will enjoy reading it also, so I have scanned in every page and posted it here. I hope that this scan of the comic, now somewhat yellowed with age, but none the worse for the wear, brings a little of the fun I had reading it to your holiday!

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