Scrooge In The Comics

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Characters from “A Christmas Carol” are so well-known that they show up often in comics and cartoons, particularly Scrooge. Some are just humorous takes on situations in the story, while most use the characters to make a point, often a political one. The cartoons and comics collected on this page (and being added to frequently) are posted without comment, and with no political agenda attached; indeed, I might not agree with a particular point being made (in most cases considering the slant of today’s media), but I still share it for the sake of the page. I suggest that in reading them, view it like you would if you saw it in the paper… without complaining to the publisher! The cartoons and comics shared here are to illustrate the many times the story is referenced in popular culture, not to endorse any particular political view.

Also, since the focus of this page is comics, you will also find illustrations from actual comic book adaptations of the story, as well as links to other sites that contain scans.



‘When I wake up, spirit, I’m getting a CAT Scan.’

Neat tutorial page below, demonstrating how to draw Scrooge, found here with more information!

The following sequence of comic strips below comes from the “Peanizles” site found here.

And here’s the cover art for a digital comic titled “Marley’s Ghost.” Click here to read a review and find out more about it.

Below, a particularly gruesome version of the story is found in the “Zombies Christmas Carol” from Marvel. (Link)
Below, the inside first page of the “Classics Illustrated” adaptation. Go here to read a scan of the entire issue.

Below, the inside front page of the Marvel Comics adaptation. You will find the complete scan of my copy of this comic on this site, by clicking here. 

Below, the fine cover art to Pendulum’s graphic novel adaptation.

Not a comic strip, but an image found online that is amusing:

Here’s one I hesitated to include, because it’s not Scrooge, but rather Elvira and her version of the story. But, it’s fun, as Elvira always is, so here’s the link to read the scans of the whole story.