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Patrick’s Stewart’s “A Christmas Carol”

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No self-respecting Christmas Carol site would be caught online without including a tribute to the one contemporary man who embodies it most: Patrick Stewart. Stewart’s primary connection to Dickens’ story is his famous one-man performance, which he has done annually to packed houses since 1989. Fortunately for the rest of us who can’t get to the live event, he has… Read more »

1971 Chuck Jones Animated Film

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A Christmas Carol (1971) is a 25-minute animated cartoon adaptation of Charles Dickens’ book which was originally shown on Dec 21, 1971 on ABC television in the United States. Originally produced for television in 1971, A Christmas Carol was recognized for its excellence and nominated for an Academy Award… but there was a problem. Only films shown theatrically were eligible…. Read more »

A Muppet Christmas Carol

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Few, if any, books can boast of so many different screen interpretations as “A Christmas Carol.” One of the most unusual versions has to be “The Muppet’s Christmas Carol,” released theatrically in 1992. With part of the characters played by familiar Muppet faces, and others by human beings, it is a strange mix of reality and fantasy that somehow works…. Read more »

1970 Musical “Scrooge” Film

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1970 “Scrooge,” starring Albert Finney My next favorite film version of “A Christmas Carol,” right after the Alastair Sim movie, is this one from 1970. Finney received the 1970 Golden Globe Award for best actor in musical or comedy. The film was also nominated for Academy Awards for art direction/ set decoration, costume designer, best song (“Thank You Very Much”)… Read more »

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

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Walt’s Disney’s 1983 version of “A Christmas Carol” Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983) (25:36) After thirty years with no new big screen material, Mickey returned in this featurette-length condensed adaptation of Charles Dickens’ immortal classic A Christmas Carol. Scrooge McDuck is a natural choice to play the role of Ebenezer Scrooge, a grouchy miser who loves money and hates Christmas. Mickey… Read more »

Alastair Sim As Scrooge

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All About The 1951 “A Christmas Carol” Adaptation Starring Alastair Sim (A note from the webmaster: Rather than being a review of the film, of which there are many online, this article focuses on the additions that the film made when adapting the novel. Also, although the original film is in black and white, and works beautifully so, the images… Read more »